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gas logo (1)Great Africa safaris exists in the heart of the’ pearl of Africa’ Kampala with a committed staff to make your Wildest dreams into reality. We are group of people/ tour Guides/Drivers who have been in the tourism industry for 10 years. Therefore   with a great experience to make life time memorable tour/safari.

With Great Africa safaris you will prove right why the British Governor sir Churchill Winston called Uganda the’ pearl of Africa’ in 1908, on his all around Africa tour and got impressed with the beauty of Uganda.

Uganda    sitting on Equator (0) with  an average altitude of 1200m above   the sea level. Uganda has temperate climate throught   the year as well as pristine lush rain forests. Awesome rolling Mountains, savannah grasslands , fresh water lakes , the longest river Nile from the largest lake Victoria to Egypt, volcanic crater, Bunyonyi beautiful and second deepest lake in Africa after lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, waterfalls for  water sports.

Uganda has 10 national parks 13 game reserves containing thousands of plants and animal species, the most famous attraction being   Gorilla, Chimpanzee and tree climbing lion which can only be found in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park.

The big five animals (lions, Leopards, elephants, buffalo   and rhinos) make Uganda the only country with the big 7 tour / safari experience.

Uganda is vast with a network of lakes and rivers crossing the national parks which provides an opportunity for real jungle cruise safari and the hotels we use for accommodation in the mild wildlife for jungle experience with animals, Bird life and stunning waterfalls

Book your tour/safari with with Great Africa safaris and enjoy Uganda ‘s cultural diversity with 40 tribes 56 local languages.